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10 Creative Ways to Boost Social Media Engagement and Grow Your Online Community in Duluth, Minnesota

Social media remains one of the biggest ways to grow your business and stay ahead of the competition. If you can use social media correctly, it is possible to build credibility and improve your brand in every way. Many people now use influence marketing to market and keep advertising their businesses to run them better. However, how can you also use social media to grow your online community in Duluth, Minnesota? Below are 10 ideas to get you started. 

Personalize Content for the Audience

If you are seeking to boost social media engagement, personalizing the content to fit the target audience is very important. As you would do for email marketing or any other digital marketing, do the same tailoring of content for social media. 

Start by understanding the audience’s likes, needs, interests, and preferences. Once you have all this in mind, go ahead and create content that speaks to them at a personal level. Do not forget the popular hashtags on the internet to improve the visibility of your content. 

Have a Regular Schedule 

A regular schedule for sharing posts is important as part of the marketing strategy. Social media users thrive a lot on fresh content, thus the need to keep posting more often. 

When you do not post as often, your followers can easily move on to another person who feeds them with new, high-quality content. So, start by coming up with a posting schedule to ensure that you can post regularly while also ensuring that your posts are high-quality. 

If you are also into email marketing, share the same content with your mailing list to generate potential leads.  

Include Video Content

Based on industry social media analytics, it is good to know that sharing video content will get more people interested in your content. If the video content is good, it will always attract attention and keep the conversation going. 

As part of your posts’ search engine optimization, make sure that the content is also relevant to the audience and offers the right information they need. 

Many companies opting for social media marketing know the importance of using videos for user-generated content and having a personal touch to keep the social media users more engaged with the brand. 

Use Popular Hashtags

You can use Google Analytics as a research tool to understand what your audience wants. One of the metrics that you can learn about is the use of hashtags. 

If hashtags are used correctly, they often increase brand awareness to a wider audience and possibly attract new followers to social media accounts. Most of the time, you would want to stick to the trending hashtags or those related to your industry. 

It is not just the hashtags but also the diversity of the content. So, rather than the usual pictures about your brand, you could also include behind-the-scenes videos, infographics, testimonials from other customers, and a podcast on the same, among other things. The aim is to showcase your brand’s great reputation.  

Share Relevant Industry News 

As a business owner, you have the chance to stay ahead of the curve with the type of content you share. Let us say you always share news related to your business industry; this would make more people interested in content because they know you can provide them with the information they are looking for at the moment. 

Also, the social media algorithm will consider it a good source if more people trust your content. As you can see, customer service is important, but being the one who can keep updating your audience on industry news can still be a good return on investment. 

While sharing the news, try to mix up the content type. You can also do blog posts and link to them via social media posts to boost engagement. 

Create Content for Users

Sometimes, people overthink the type of content they can create for their audience. However, you only have to create content that the audience needs. Let us say you sell electronic gadgets; then, your audience needs videos showing how the devices work. 

You should also apply the same for social media advertising as it will be important for business and reputation management. Encourage the users to engage you even further in the posts to understand better what the audience needs. 

Once you have this expert information in mind, you can create and boost posts to suit your business better with social media tools and social media advertising. 

Interactive Content 

During your content creation process, consider creating interactive content that the social media audience will love. Examples of interactive content include quizzes, surveys, and polls. Your strategy needs content that makes readers want to follow up. 

Social media metrics also show that you can host live Q and As so that you can foster more engagement with the audience; this is a chance for the audience to send in the most thought-provoking questions so that they learn more about you and the business as well. 

Foster Community Engagement

Your online community deserves the best customer engagement, and in this case, that means responding to comments and messages promptly. As part of social media management, you can choose to reply yourself or have someone do it for you if you have the budget for it. 

Prompt responses always convey that your followers can reach you whenever they need to and that their feedback or opinions will be acknowledged. Still, such prompt responses humanize the account. There will always be a personal touch as you keep engaging the audience.  

Implement Interactive Challenges and Games

Launching hashtags can be another way of ensuring you get the most out of social media engagement. In addition to hashtags, push your business in many fun ways, such as trends. That is where launching challenges and games can be ideal. Have the audience participate in these challenges and games to determine who wins. 

We recommend choosing a catchy and memorable hashtag. It should easily align with your brand and make the audience resonate with your idea of community engagement.  

Offer Exclusive Content and Incentives

 As part of business promotion, having exclusive content and incentives for your followers is also good. This exclusivity will make more people want to join the group for an early release or exclusive content. 

You can create VIP groups or communities that cultivate a sense of belonging. Here, members can also connect under an exclusive space and connect on a different level. 

In such a case, the content you create should be tailored to these dedicated fans’ preferences, interests, and needs. It is even better to take more time and ask what they would want to see next. This gives them the power to share ideas and feel like their feedback is well appreciated. 


Social media is what you need right now if you want your business to thrive. Make sure you take the time to understand how social media works and make it work for you. One way would be to ensure that you use it to boost business user engagement. The tips shared above look at how this can be done and why you should do it. There can be many other ways of boosting social media engagement, but if you start with what we have mentioned above, you should see results sooner. 

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