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Why You Should Use Google My Business Listing Help

Google My Business is an official business listing made by Google to help companies generate more visibility on their company websites. Although it may seem like a redundant option for business enterprises, it has plenty of hidden benefits that will help your company gain better visibility and accumulate more sales. 

You might be wondering what more could you possibly gain from a Google My Business listing. However, this puts local businesses at a considerable advantage. Google My Business can incorporate search engine results into your marketing. Optimize your presence on Google My Business Listing even through simple searches such as your business name.

How To Get Google My Business Listing

You have probably searched for competition before starting your business. If you have not yet done so, then now might probably be a good time. You will notice that a business listing will appear remarkably professional. Google My Business lets you achieve the same impression, complete with all the essential details. 
Get your company logo, contact information, business hours, and complete address appearing on Google’s generated search results for every user who is scouring through the web for products and services similar to what your company has to offer. Even though you cannot foretell the immediate effects of the generated search results, Google Business gives your company a chance to become more visible to potential customers. 

The good thing about SEO audits is that it enables you to see the vulnerable parts of your company’s website. You can view it from Google’s point of view and work on areas that need more improvement. Dive into more technical details that will largely affect your website’s rankings and overall web visibility and searchability.

Benefits of A Google Business Directory Listing

We know that a Google Business helps your company set an accurate list of information on the web for your potential customer’s convenience. But how can you get the most out of your Google My Business listing?

Phone Numbers

We all know that having a professional number used solely for your company lets you manage your incoming calls, whether for personal or business purposes. It is also the most immediate contact information that a customer or business partner will look for once they see your business listing.

Of course, as a company, you need that number actually to be visible before expecting it to work its purpose. After all, what is a company number if customers can’t use it to contact you, right? A Google Business account helps you keep an accurate record of your current form and ensures that it is constantly updated.

Contact Information

Providing different means of contact for your potential customers is a must-know for every business owner. Although telephone numbers are usually the first step, it is better to incorporate other contact options such as emails and social media accounts. Google displays this information to help potential customers reach your business.

You can also include a map leading to your physical store or office address. Do not forget to include other essential information such as your business hours and central city location. Indicate what you have to offer, such as food, service, or other products. You might also want to key in some encouraging words or a unique call to action to engage potential customers.

Google Maps Location

We’ve mentioned adding central city locations to give potential customers an idea of where to find you. However, providing driving and public transportation directions to your exact locations through Google Maps is a reliable way of letting your customers know where to find you, quickly, conveniently, and immediately, at a single click.

Google Maps is not entirely proximity-based, but it does put local businesses at a considerable advantage for nearby customers trying to find products and services in the area. For instance, a Google My Business in Katy, TX account can help reach on mobile. Please give them a physical location and increase not only your web traffic but also physical visits to your store. 

Customer Interaction

When you manage a business listing with Google, it lets you interact with your customers through reviews. Customers who reach you through a Google listing can leave reviews of their experience. In turn, you can also respond to their comments and suggestions and establish an excellent customer-oriented reputation.

Adding responses to posted reviews will give you a customer-friendly image, especially to web users who like to check the reviews before engaging with a particular company. Build a trust foundation with potential customers, and receive constructive criticism to improve your company’s products or services.


Pictures are a great way to entice your customers and give your business an added visual appeal, especially if you have a physical location. Companies that put up photographs of their office, building, shop, products, or services are painting the right image for their potential customers.

Google even backs up this claim by revealing a statistics report that companies who add photos to their listings could receive 42% more requests for driving directions on Google Maps. Those with added websites also received more clicks than a listing without a photo put up on Google.

Short URL

Keep it simple and easy to remember by provisioning a short name or URL for your business. Google offers an option to keep a short phrase or URL for your business to avoid lengthy web addresses that seem too complicated to remember. Shorter terms can help you achieve customer trust and make it easier for them to remember you.

Importance of GMB

If you have an established website, you probably aren’t new to SEO and organic search results. We understand that these can dramatically improve your web visibility and increase your website traffic on its own. So, why bother with a Google My Business listing, right?
One report from Google states that companies with verified information on a Google Business listing received twice as many potential customers that view them as reputable, trustworthy, and customer-friendly. It reduced the anxiety felt by customers who are afraid to trust brands that they find online. 
With a Google My Business listing, your customers can reach you in a single search, pick up the phone, and dial that new business number you established on your page. Ultimately, you can increase incoming calls, direct them to your website, or ask customers to leave your business a review. All of these can significantly contribute to your credibility with web searchers and potential customers.

Get More Optimization With GMB

Overall, a Google My Business listing has more benefits than you could ever expect. If you felt that local SEO and organic search results are creating good business on their own, you’d be surprised by the many benefits that a GMB listing could do to further your reputation, web visibility, and company sales. 
Set up your account by visiting Warren Michaels Digital Marketing Company website and following the steps indicated. Type in your business category, fill in essential contact information and verify the details. It is an easy process with quick and immediate results. Help your company make the most out of your business phone number and improve your overall web visibility. 

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