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Our dedicated team will learn the essentials of your home services company so that we can create effective marketing strategies that will meet your goals.

Who we are?

Houston Marketing Company works with various industries to provide expertise through Marketing services. We understand what it takes to develop an effective home service marketing strategy that will attract your target audience!

Who we can help


As a contractor, many of your jobs may have varying lengths, so keeping a steady stream of leads to keep you afloat is vital. Optimizing your website can produce long-term benefits.


Whether it’s winter, summer, fall, or spring, homeowners are looking for HVAC experts to keep their homes running smoothly. We can get your company noticed using marketing.


When it comes to plumbing problems, homeowners need to find a reliable plumber as soon as possible, which means they will most likely look on the web to see which business offers the best services. And we can make you their first choice with the help of marketing.


Roofing companies that want to be found by more people online can benefit from the numerous advantages of SEO marketing. We can help potential customers find your business by improving local pack placement and listing on major directories.


Building and homeowners will use Google, Bing, and other search engines to find reputable painting companies for their projects, whether you provide commercial or residential painting services. Investing in marketing services ensures that your company is found in their search results.

And More

We understand that there are numerous niches in the home services industry, and rest assured that we can assist you regardless of what your business provides. So, whether you offer lawn service, are a general handyman, exterminate bed bugs, or provide a cleaning service, we can design a custom strategy to give you the boost you need.


Houston SEO Marketing Company’s ultimate goal is to improve your company’s business. With this in mind, our strategy is centered on this goal, and quality is our top priority!

Our home services SEO process:

  • Keyword research

To achieve your desired results, we will research which specific keywords rank well for your industry and business.

  • Content writing

A key strategy for home services SEO ensures that your content is at its best, which your competitors are unlikely to do. This includes website and social media writing.

  • Competitor research

Understanding who currently ranks above you in SERPs and why this may be helping us to better determine our approach.

  • Link acquisition

We will build backlinks to your website and priority pages to help build the domain’s strength and authority.

  • Metadata optimization

Our approach includes updating the metadata to not only contain your target keywords but also attract clicks from potential customers.

  • Blog expansion

We can help you if you have a blog on your website or need one to create. Our writers will also develop creative blog posts to increase your site’s traffic and page rank.

  • User experience

We will make certain that your target audience can easily navigate your site on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.

  • Schema implementation

Schema was designed to help search engines better digest and understand websites, and implementing it can increase the overall value of your site.

  • Speed improvements

More than ever, a fast-loading website can make or break a customer’s decision. Not to mention that Google considers it a ranking factor.

  • Citation work

Having all of your bases covered and collecting reviews from sites like Google My Business, Yelp, and AngiesList, among others, can significantly impact your results, so we incorporate citation work into our strategy.

  • Spam fighting

Many businesses’ Google Maps rankings are held back because spammy companies cheat their way to the top. We tackle this through spam submissions, which increase your chances of ranking higher.

  • Local outreach

We look into local link outreach that will help your site grow in order to build partnerships, spread brand awareness and gain more backlinks.

  • Data analysis

Using Google Analytics and other programs, we track the efficacy of your SEO campaign in order to measure our efforts.


We can keep your campaign on track by monitoring our successes and modifying what isn’t working. We monitor increases in:

  • Phone calls and leads generated by your website
  • Search engine traffic to your website
  •  Changes in keyword positions on search engine results pages
  • Overall traffic generated to your website

All of this can help us determine the efficiency of our SEO home services efforts.


If you want your company to appear at the top of Google’s search rankings, you must invest in search engine optimization (SEO). SEO has the following benefits:

  • Increased keyword results

Your target audience will be able to find your site more easily by optimizing it with specific and targeted keywords for which you want to rank. This will result in more qualified leads.

  • Increased traffic

If your keyword results rank high, you will gain more traffic and generate leads, increasing your business revenue!

  • Trustworthiness

Having your home services company at the top of search engine results will make potential customers believe your company is trustworthy and deserving of their business.

  • A more user-friendly website

With quality SEO tactics, your website will be more organized, resulting in clear sales opportunities.

  • Long-term results

One of the best advantages of search engine optimization is that it helps build a stronger foundation for your website over time.


Quality SEO tactics are essential to generate revenue for your business online. We are committed to understanding your specific goals and providing you with a solution! Contact us today to begin your SEO home services efforts.

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