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SEO Audit is a deep analysis of a website to evaluate all the factors that impact the ability to rank in search engine results pages or SERPs. SEO Audits are performed to find any issues that need to be fixed to boost your page’s search engine performance. Website owners need regular SEO audits to ensure that the website continuously meets the search engines’ quality. Warren Michaels experts will evaluate your site for all possible issues such as loading errors, site speed, broken links, server issues, duplicate and non-indexed content.


In digital marketing, your website is the core of your business, and its regular audit is essential to ensure that everything is working perfectly. SEO audit is a necessary component to keep your website’s SEO strategy up to date and make sure your site does not have any errors. Performing the audit exposes these errors, allowing you to resolve them and recover lost traffic.


Below are the reasons why you should regularly need an SEO audit of your website:


Every Search engine, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing, have their algorithms that are constantly updating to provide better search results. Many people are unaware of how the recent search engine algorithm update will affect their site performance. As a website owner, you must have an idea about these changes in algorithms so you can make modifications to your website’s content accordingly.


Google will always rank only those websites that have better performance and speed. Performing an SEO audit can demonstrate the site speed and dig out all issues which make your site slow, and we then offer solutions for these problems


SEO audit provides a report about your website’s outbound, inbound, and internal links. You will find any broken links or pages that are not appearing in search results and reduce your website traffic.


If your competitors rank higher on a search engine, and you want to know their ranking factors? Then SEO audit helps you figure out the SEO techniques employed by your competitors. SEO audits can also provide you with insights about their strengths and weaknesses. After getting their SEO audit report, we can easily implement the same keywords into your SEO strategy.


Outdated or duplicate content is another major reason for the website’s de-ranking because search engines always rank fresh and relevant content. SEO audit will help you in finding the outdated and duplicate content on your website.


Regular SEO audits will give you insights about your performance of keywords that you want to rank for, and how you currently rank for those keywords. Based on your keywords, you can easily update your website.

Our SEO Audit Process

Are you having difficulty ranking your website, or do you want to know why your website is losing traffic for the last 2-3 months? Then Warren Michaels is here to help to provide reliable SEO audit services. We are a digital marketing leader that will thoroughly analyze your website with our SEO audit services and determine the best strategy to increase your site performance. We will present you with a complete SEO audit report, including your competitor’s strategies, backlink report, future site strategy, and all your weaknesses. Our SEO audit experts will have the right skills to help you plan a path to better performance, improve rankings, and increase organic traffic.

To get more information about our SEO audit services or SEO audit packages, simply call or email one of our experts at Warren Michaels. Contact today for SEO audit service to get success in the online marketplace!

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